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Blashill Not As Bad A Coach As Red Wings Fans Think | DHN+



Jeff Blashill, Detroit Red Wings coach
Jeff Blashill is Steve Yzerman's choice to coach the Detroit Red Wings, which is really all fans of the team should need to know

It’s all Jeff Blashil’s fault. The Detroit Red Wings would be so much further along in their rebuild if only theyd hire a better coach.

These are popular refrains among the Red Wings fanbase. Blashill, as the man standing behind the bench while the Wings completed their plummet to the bottom of the NHL, is being designated as the fall guy. Not only is this patently unfair, it’s about as accurate as Darren Helm on a breakaway.

The anti-Blashill crowd seems to forget that it’s GM Steve Yzerman, the man that they’ve gleefully handed the future of the franchise to, who is the biggest Blashill backer out there. To say that Blashill is the wrong guy for the job is to suggest that Stevie Y and the Yzerplan might just be flawed.

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