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Red Wings’ Lack Of Goaltending Depth Is Alarming | DHN+



Kaden Fulcher interview
Kaden Fulcher, who's played all of 27 minutes, is one of two goalies under contract to the Detroit Red Wing who has appeared in an NHL game

Great hockey teams are built from the goal out. Just look at the two teams currently in the Stanley Cup final. The Montreal Canadiens have Carey Price and the Tampa Bay Lightning have Andrei Vasilevskiy. When it comes to today’s top NHL goaltenders, they are 1 and 1A and we’ll let you decide in which order to rank that entry.

Vasilevskiy used to be Steve Yzerman’s goalie. In fact, Stevie Y drafted him in Tampa Bay. In the Detroit goalie room, there’s also a draft – a harsh, unforgiving wind that rips through the place and serves as a reminder of how barren the Red Wings’ goaltending pipeline is of NHL prospects, not to mention of NHL goalies.

Currently, Detroit has two netminders under contract with NHL playing experience. There’s Thomas Greiss, with 316 appearances under his belt and there’s Kaden Fulcher, with 27 minutes of NHL playing time on his resume.

If you think that depth chart is bleak, then don’t look beyond them. It could be the cause of sleepless nights. It certainly must be for Red Wings GM Yzerman.

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