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Detroit Red Wings

Gambling Industry Doesn’t Believe in Red Wings’ Improvement



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The Detroit Red Wings are listed as 150/1 odds to win the Atlantic Division title

While Detroit Red Wings fans are encouraged by general manager’s offseason improvements, the BetOnline odds makers are unimpressed.

BetOnline awarded the Red Wings the highest odds for winning their Atlantic division and winning their Eastern Conference. Even the Buffalo Sabres, starting over on another rebuild attempt, are considered more likely to win their division and conference than the Red Wings.

In their opening divisional and conference odds, BetOnline set the Red Wings at 150/1 to win the Atlantic Division and 125/1 to win the Eastern Conference title. The Sabres are 125/1 to win the Atlantic., while the Ottawa Senators are 100/1

Here are the opening odds for Conference and Division futures at Betonline:

Conference Futures

Odds to Win the 2022 Eastern Conference                              

Tampa Bay Lightning                 15/4

Boston Bruins                           7/1

Carolina Hurricanes                   7/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                 15/2

New York Islanders                    10/1

Florida Panthers                        11/1

New York Rangers                     12/1

Montreal Canadiens                   16/1

Philadelphia Flyers                    16/1

Pittsburgh Penguins                  16/1

Washington Capitals                  16/1

New Jersey Devils                     33/1

Ottawa Senators                       40/1

Columbus Blue Jackets             50/1

Buffalo Sabres                          100/1

Detroit Red Wings                     125/1

Odds to Win the 2022 Western Conference                             

Colorado Avalanche                  11/4

Vegas Golden Knights               15/4

Dallas Stars                              11/1

Minnesota Wild                         11/1

Edmonton Oilers                       12/1

Seattle Kraken                           14/1

St Louis Blues                           16/1

Winnipeg Jets                           16/1

Calgary Flames                         22/1

Chicago Blackhawks                 22/1

Nashville Predators                   25/1

Vancouver Canucks                   25/1

Los Angeles Kings                    33/1

San Jose Sharks                       33/1

Anaheim Ducks                         66/1

Arizona Coyotes                       66/1

Division Futures

 Atlantic Division                                 

Tampa Bay Lightning                 3/2

Boston Bruins                           3/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                 3/1

Florida Panthers                        21/4

Montreal Canadiens                   25/1

Ottawa Senators                       100/1

Buffalo Sabres                          125/1

Detroit Red Wings                     150/1

Central Division                                  

Colorado Avalanche                  1/2

Minnesota Wild                         13/2

Dallas Stars                              8/1

St. Louis Blues                          14/1

Winnipeg Jets                           14/1

Chicago Blackhawks                 20/1

Nashville Predators                   33/1

Arizona Coyotes                       150/1

Metropolitan Division                         

Carolina Hurricanes                   15/4

New York Islanders                    17/4

New York Rangers                     5/1

Pittsburgh Penguins                  21/4

Washington Capitals                  21/4

Philadelphia Flyers                    23/4

New Jersey Devils                     14/1

Columbus Blue Jackets             50/1

Pacific Division                                   

Vegas Golden Knights               4/7

Edmonton Oilers                       5/1

Seattle Kraken                           15/2

Calgary Flames                         12/1

Vancouver Canucks                   14/1

Los Angeles Kings                    25/1

San Jose Sharks                       40/1

Anaheim Ducks                         125/1