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Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings Have Lost Their Trolls During Rebuild



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The Detroit Red Wings rank 25th in the poll of negatively trolled NHL franchised

Not all that long ago it wasn’t hard to find hockey fans who disliked the Detroit Red Wings. They had the lengthy playoff streak. They won back-to-back titles in 1997-98. Detroit added another in 2002 and then one more in 2008. But the playoff streak is gone and the championship drought is in its 13th season.

The Red Wings have missed the playoffs five consecutive seasons.

No reason to hate the Red Wings now.

The Red Wings’ lack of social media relevancy is exposed in a recent Action Network poll of the NHL’s most negatively trolled franchises. The Red Wings ranked 25th out of 32 NHL teams. Hockey fans simply don’t care enough about the Red Wings to throw shade their way.

Also, Detroit fans don’t have much negative to say about the Red Wings because they like the job Steve Yzerman is doing.

Oddly, the NHL franchise with the most negativity is the Dallas Stars. They are No. 1 among NHL franchises for being trolled and No. 2 overall among all sports franchise.

The Arizona Coyotes are No. 2 among NHL franchises, probably because so many people poke fun at them for their team, ownership and arena issues through the years. The Toronto Maple Leafs are No. 3. There are enough Toronto haters out there to keep Toronto in that spot.

The team with the smallest percentage of trolls? The Tampa Bay Lightning rank 31st. The Los Angeles Kings are 30th and the Carolina Hurricanes 29th.