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Bertuzzi Fallout: Social Media Lines Up To Take Jabs At Unvaxxed Red Wing



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Social media was quick to take Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi to task for his anti-vaccination stance.

It didn’t take long for the anti-vaccination stance of Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi to go . . . umm . . . viral.

Folks were more than willing to take jabs at Bertuzzi for not taking his jabs.

Some were baffled at how a professional athlete could be so entrenched in a conspiracy theory that he’d be willing to risk jeopardizing the health and safety of his teammates.

Not to mention all the bank he’ll still be leaving in the bank


A Good Teammate?

Evidently, Tyler also forgot that old saying about there being no I in team.

And that other one about all pulling the rope in the same direction.

Wings coach Jeff Blashill described Bertuzzi as a great teammate, even when the evidence screamed completely the opposite to be true.

Even Bertuzzi’s other boss couldn’t help but get in a suble dig in at the player who evidently doesn’t have a lot of concern for his teammates.

He Won’t Be Grading An A

Oh, and about that alternate captain’s A that was probably destines for Bertuzzi’s jersey – maybe not so much anymore.

Red Wings were questioning whether they could in good conscience invest in Bertuzzi merchandise.

Of course, you knew that Uncle Todd’s well-publicized past mistakes were going to enter the conversation at some point.

Well, it is true that it’s not the first time that a Bertuzzi has been the NHL’s poster boy for bad decisions.


Then there were those who wanted Bertuzzi to be aware of the consequences of his choice.

While others seemed to recognize that in certain circles – you know, those who protest outisde hospitals and barge univited into schools – Bertuzzi is now going to be an icon of their anti-vax movement.

Admit it . . . you didn’t expect to see Nicki Minaj and Tyler Bertuzzi in the same tweet.

Bertuzzi couched in decision in terms of it being a life choice. Many begged to differ on that suggestion.

Ultimately, though, it just seemed as though many Red Wings fans were simply hurt and let down by what can be labeled as nothing less than a selfish decision by someone looked upon to be a leader for this rebuilding franchise.

Some even pondered whether peer pressure now that he’s mingling with his teammates might cause Bertuzzi to rehink his choice.