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Detroit Red Wings’ Filip Zadina calls out Garland with inappropriate word



Filip Zadina called out Vancouver's Conor Garland for his reverse hit to the head in the third period of the Detroit Red Wing' 3-1 win

Detroit Red Wings forward Filip Zadina called Vancouver Conor Garland for a reckless third period hit and in the process may have gotten himself in trouble with the NHL.

Garland was penalized for a blow to the head. Zadina had to leave the game, but was able to return.

“I’m ok… I was just reaching for the puck and he just reversed me I guess, you know, like the midget like he is,” Zadina said. “It’s pretty normal, you know, that he reversed hit because I don’t think he’s strong enough to battle me in the corner one-on-one.”

It is still unknown whether the NHL will discipline Filip Zadina for the use of the word “midget.” It’s considered a slur against people living with dwarfism. For example, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada no longer use that word, or any other,  in describing age divisions.



Zadina Scored on Power Play

Zadina scored the game-winning power play goal in the second period. It was less than two minutes after Garland tied the game 1-1.

In the third period, the two players chased the puck in the corner. Zadina, who was outstretched to chip the puck, took a reverse hit by Garland.

Garland was assessed a minor for an illegal check to the head. The other players on the ice engaged. Canucks’ Bo Horvat and Red Wings’ Filip Hronek and Michael Rasmussen drew roughing minors.

Dylan Larkin was crunched head-first into the boards in the opener. Since then, Detroit fan base has been discussing about whether players should be brought in to help protect the top players and younger players. The Red Wings are not a big team.

But against the Canucks, the Detroit Red Wings players showed they intend to stand up for themselves. When the action became chippy, Detroit players took an active role in sticking up for each other.