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Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin Leads NHL in Misfortune



The Dylan Larkin positive Covid test is the latest in a series of misfortune that has undermined his strong start.

Columnist Frank Seravelli confirmed this morning that the Red Wings’ captain presence in Covid-19 protocol stems from a positive Covid test Tuesday.  According to Seravelli’s reporting,  Dylan Larkin had a PCR nasal swab that generated a positive result. The Red Wings were informed after the second period of the game in Dallas.

Larkin stayed in Dallas while the team headed to Las Vegas. Following NHL protocol, Larkin would have another test today. If that test is positive, then he will remain in isolation for 10 days. In the event of a negative test, a third test would make the final determination.

Larkin could miss three or four games, depending upon when the clock starts for 10-day period. The Red Wings have a game 10 days from today against the Buffalo Sabres at home.

The timing couldn’t be much worse for the Red Wings’ captain. He has scored five goals in his past five games, and now leads his team with eight goals. But the positive test is just another piece of adversity in a long list since last summer.

Here is what Larkin has had to deal with over the last few months:

Pain in the Neck

He endured a painful rehab of a serious neck injury over the summer. He was expected to be back by the start of the season, but it wasn’t a given.

One-game suspension

The NHL Department of Player Safety suspended Larkin one game for throwing a punch at Mathieu Joseph. Larkin was reacting to Joseph running him from behind into the boards. The Red Wings center flew head-first into the Plexi-glass. Larkin reacted because no penalty was called on the play. He said if a penalty had been called he would not have thrown the punch. But he felt he had to defend himself if the officials were not.

Linemate missing

Larkin’s linemate and close friend Tyler Bertuzzi chose not to get vaccinated. That means that Bertuzzi can’t play in Canada. The Red Wings are 0-3 in those games in Canada.

Leaves the team

The Red Wings announced Larkin was away from the team from “personal” reasons. He missed three games. Larkin didn’t reveal why he missed games. However, he was emotional when talking to the media and said his family had gone through a difficult period.

Positive for Covid

He was the only Red Wing player to receive a positive Covid-19 test on Tuesday. He left the game with his team losing 3-2. The Red Wings lost 5-2.