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Indisputable Video Evidence: Red Wings D Mo Seider Making His Mark



Moritz Seider, Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings’ Moritz Seider wasn’t well known when Steve Yzerman drafted him sixth overall back in 2019.  He’s making sure that’s not the case anymore.

In last night’s 6-3 win over Philadelphia, the Flyers’ Max Willman was one of the latest to meet Seider up close and personal:

Seider also got the best of Willman’s teammate, Oskar Lindblom earlier:

There’s no denying that Seider is making his presence known in the league.

Red Wings’ Seider Continues to Make his Mark

It’s been one step forward after another for Seider, arguably the league’s best rookie depending on who you ask. While Trevor Zegras and Michael Bunting score goals, Seider is being asked to log big boy minutes against the league’s best. As if that’s not enough, the 21-year-old defenseman is contributing on both ends of the ice. Whether it’s a big hit, breaking up a sure scoring chance, potting a goal, or making a pass that leads to one, Seider’s demonstrating just how valuable he already is to Detroit.

Red Wings teammate Sam Gagner had nothing but high praise for the rookie.

“He’s a fantastic player and I imagine he’s gonna keep getting better with his work ethic and his attention to detail and his will to improve. He’s been a lot of fun to watch this year.”

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Head coach Jeff Blashill believes Seider continues to get better because he’s wired to seek improvement.

“He does a pretty good job of fighting through mistakes and coming to the next shift and being better,” Blashill said. “He doesn’t let it bother him too much. It doesn’t affect his play too much.

“And that’s ultimately why I think he’s been a really good player and he’s gonna continue to be a really good player, because he’s got that mental toughness that the best have.”

Detroit hasn’t had a top tier defenseman since Nick Lidstrom patrolled the blue line over a decade ago. Nik Kronwall could rattle teeth with the best of them, but Seider brings more than just the physical, shut down aspect Kronwall boasted.

He’s looking like a bonafide star.

Video Captures Seider’s Skill

Seider may not have the dazzling goal highlights as Zegras, but his video replays are drawing their own share of attention. Beyond what he displayed Tuesday night, there’s a season’s full of highlights have put Seider’s talents on full display.

The sequence against Vancouver was one such example:

Or his first goal of the season:

Seider continues to get better with every game. Yzerman, then in his first year as general manager, told fans to “Google him” if they wanted to see the type of player Detroit just drafted.

Now, fans Google him just to see his latest highlight.