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Darren McCarty about Lemieux: ‘I like the dude. I can forgive. But I don’t forget.’ | DHN+



Darren McCarty, former Detroit Red Wings player
Saturday is the 25th anniversary of Darren McCarty's pummeling of Colorado Avalanche forward Claude Lemieux

When Darren McCarty sat down with me 10 years ago to do his as-told-to autobiography, the first words out of his mouth was that he felt as if he was “living in a Quentin Tarantino movie.”

“My life feels surreal,” he said. “It’s like I’m one of Tarantino’s characters, waking up in a deadbeat motel with his life turned inside-out and left to figure out how he got there.”

Since the book came out, McCarty’s life has changed for the better. He has not had a sip of alcohol for six years and four months .

“I don’t even have an inkling to drink — that’s the gift,” McCarty said.

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