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Former Red Wings Defenseman Konstantinov About To Lose Access To Medical Coverage

A change in Michigan car insurance law means that former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov will be losing access to coverage for his ongoing long-term care on June 1



Vladimir Konstantinov, Detroit Red Wings
Alan Moore of SportsGraphing with former Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov.

In two days, a new Michigan law will go into effect. This change will be depriving former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov to state-funded medical coverage. Previously, unlimited lifetime access to this coverage was available due to injuries he suffered in a 1997 limousine crash.

Previously, all Michigan residents who suffered serious traffic-related injuries had access to this coverage. It drew funding from the state’s car insurance policies. This law played a role in Michiganders paying the highest care insurance rates among all of the 50 US states.

However, the bi-partisan passage of a bill into law in 2019 changed this. Michigan is scaling back state-funded reimbursements to health providers offering long-term care to accident victims with chronic issues.

Konstantinov’s brain ended up suffering permanent damage on June 13, 1997. His injuries occurred when he was a passenger in a limousine crash. The accident occurred just days after winning the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings.

Round the clock care from health-care professionals has been part and parcel of his life ever since. According to an Associated Press report, Arcadia Home Care & Staffing, which is providing Konstantinov’s home care, is carrying approximately a $200,000 loss on the services it offers to the former Wings player.

Absent of government funding, they plan to discontinue offering their services to Konstantinov on June 1. If he does end up losing access to funding for home care, it’s likely that Konstantinov will be moving into a long-term care facility.

Red Wings Seeking To Help

Both the Red Wings and the NHLPA are seeking to help. The organizations are looking into ways in which they can help Konstantinov in dealing with this dilemma.

“We’re actively working with him and his team and plan to organize a fundraising event to help maintain his care and provide more resources for extending it in the future,” reads a statement from the Red Wings.

Launching a GoFundMe page, the Vladimir Konstantinov Special Needs Trust, Konstantinov’s daughter Anastasia is hoping to raise $250,000 to offset the ongoing costs of her father’s medical care. To date, she’s only achieved $28,777 of that goal.

Alan Moore, through his company, has raised more than $30,000 for the cause through the sale of autographed Konstantinov memorabilia. All of the funds riased from these sales go directly to Konstantinov’s Special Needs Fund.