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Red Wings Daily: Malkin and the Penguins Purportedly Far Apart – is he a Fit for Detroit?



Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Yzerman has made it clear that he will only bring players in who make sense. Would Evgeni Malkin fit the bill?

If indeed the rift that is purportedly growing between Malkin and the Penguins is happening, what a shift it would have. Not only for Pittsburgh Penguins, but for another team that could add him.

Could Detroit even be an option?

Malkin and the Red Wings Could Work But…

He’s not the same player as he once was with injuries and Father Time robbing him of productivity. But even in 41 games of action, he was still over a point-per-game with 42 points (20-22) in 41 games. Detroit is in need of veterans to help take another step out of the rebuild. Seeking a new coach to move forward while finding players who have been in a winning culture seem like ways to certainly start the process.

But would Malkin be willing to go through such a process? The Red Wings are flush with cap space and a one-year deal with higher dollars could be enticing. If Malkin is indeed to leave, why would he go somewhere where another chance at a Stanley Cup would be further away than in Pittsburgh?

Other suitors would certainly line up, willing to pay fair market value while having a likelier chance at a Cup. Though age and injuries have slowed him a bit, Malkin can still be a huge asset for a contending team.

Detroit is certainly improving, but if Malkin does indeed walk away from the Penguins, it seems other teams would have the inside track.

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