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Red Wings Daily: Steve Yzerman is On the Clock



Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings GM

It’s a day that has only become more important for Detroit Red Wings fans since the 2016-17 season when the organization was in the draft lottery for the first time. Though Detroit is on the rise, it doesn’t dampen the excitement for the first draft with fans since 2019.

No Red Wings fan needs to be told who Steve Yzerman took that year.

The 2020 NHL entry draft saw Yzerman select Lucas Raymond while 2021 included Simon Edvinsson and netminder Sebastian Cossa. There’s a strong chance that when the Red Wings open their season on October 14th in Detroit, three of their four first round picks chosen since Yzerman was named GM will be in the lineup.

The 2022 version of the draft finds Detroit at an interesting spot. Improved, but hardly a contender. Rebuilding, but not bottom of the barrel anymore. With Yzerman, no one truly knows what he has up his sleeve. He isn’t purposely being deceptive or trying to make deals in the dark of night.

But he’s not going to give much up, either. He said as much with the media on Wednesday when asked a direct question about how Detroit might pick if three players, from different positions, grade out equally.

“I’m trying to answer that without answering it, and I don’t have an answer for you.” Yzerman said.  “So I’m not gonna answer it. That’s a great question and that could very well come up. I’ll answer it after that fact. How’s that?”

Could The Detroit Red Wings Engineer a Draft-Day Trade?

Speculation exists about opposing players being available both via trade or even in free agency. Yzerman has a lot of draft capital and though it’s unlikely he’ll part with it, the Red Wings are in a different spot than in previous seasons.

In other words, if it makes sense for the “Yzerplan,” it’ll get done. Be it acquiring pricey contracts to pick up draft picks, making trades, or being active in free agency.

“We watched the positive impact some of our younger guys had this year,” Yzerman said. “We’d like to add to that and continue to move forward.”

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