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Former Red Wings Forward Ryan Apologetic, Appreciative of Support

Former Red Wings forwrd Bobby Ryan gave thanks to people who are offering support as he works to regain his sobriety



Bobby Ryan, Detroit Red Wings
Bobby Ryan was thankful for the public support he's receiving since his fall from sobriety.

Bobby Ryan took a fall from sobriety that was both public and spectacular. His response was also public and quite impressive, to tell the truth.

While expressing disappointment in himself for relapsing in his battle with alcohol abuse, the former Detroit Red Wings forward was also offering heartflet thanks to all those who reached out to him to offer support rather than judgement in his time of need.

“Every now and again you’re reminded exactly why social media exists and today is such a good reason,” Ryan posted on his Twitter account @bobbyry5409. “Thank you guys all from the bottom of my heart.

“I’ve had so many incredible messages today. Thank you for all of them.”

On Monday, Ryan was arrested at Nashville International Airport. Police would up charging him with public intoxication.

Airport police were alerted after Ryan was seen taking several items from an airport store without paying. The officers in pursuit found him sitting in an airport bar, awaiting a drink he’d just ordered.

According to the police report, Ryan was suffering from the effects of extreme intoxication. He was non-compliant with the officers. Upon questioning, he couldn’t tell the police officers the date, the time of day, or in fact where he was. He also struggled to stand on his own feet.

Following the standard eight-hour public intoxication hold, police ended up giving Bobby Ryan his release and dropping all charges.

No Excuses From Ryan

To his credit, Ryan isn’t blaming anyone or making excuses over his fall off the wagon.

“I hate that I’m here, but it’s where I am and I’ll own that,” he tweeted. “Today is day 1 (again). Mostly embarrassed, but I shouldn’t be. Today I’m waking up and choosing better.

“I hate this, never again.”

Ryan’s Sobriety Won Him Masterton

While playing for the Ottawa Senators, Ryan was making the decision to enter into the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program in November of 2019, citing issues with alcohol abuse. After gaining control of his addiction and embracing sobriety, he returned to Ottawa’s lineup in February of 2020, playing until the season was shut down by the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the NHL awards in the offseason, Ryan was awarded the Masterton Trophy to him as the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.

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He signed as a free agent with the Red Wings for the COVID-shortened 2021 NHL season, finishing with 7-7-14 totals in 33 games.

The Red Wings tendered Ryan a pro tryout invitation for last fall’s training camp. However, he was cut just prior to the start of the season.

Ryan hasn’t played in the NHL since.