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Red Wings Hanas: La-Cross Goal Just Kind of Happened

Red Wings prospect Cross Hanas pulled off the so-called Zegras move last season in the WHL



Cross Hanas, Red Wings prospect

Whether or not you choose to call it the Zegras goal – personally we prefer the La-Cross goal, because Detroit Red Wings prospect Cross Hanas set up a similar goal just days after Trevor Zegras first pulled it off with the Anaheim Ducks.

It was December 19 of last season with the WHL Portland Winterhawks when from behind the net, Hanas flipped the pucl lacrosse style over the goal to James Stefan. Stefen swatted the disk out of mid-air and dented the twine.

Naturally, such a high-end skill play with its accompanying dramatic flair was the product of hours of arduous practising in order to get the moment down pat.

Ummm . . . no.

“Never,” Hanas admitted to the commitment spent honing that unique skill. “We only saw it like a few days before it happened.

“I don’t think anybody would of thought of doing that before Zegras did it.”

Hanas Made A Spur Of The Moment Decision

In fact, the notion to try the play was something that hit Hanas in an instant, and he just got caught up in an opportunistic moment in hockey history.

It was more instinctive in that time, because at that moment it just felt like I had the puck for more time than usual behind the net,” Hanas recalled. “No one was really coming at me, so I thought, ‘You know what, I’ll try it.’

“Thankfully it worked out. It would’ve looked pretty dumb if it didn’t work out. I just felt like I had a lot of time there behind the net.

“I saw it a few days before when Zegras and Milano did it, so I thought, ‘you know what? Maybe I’ll try this.’

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That Hanas would be the creator of such hockey magic isn’t at all surprising. After all, 60 of his team-leading 86 points for Portland last season were assists.

“I think of myself as a playmaker,” Hanas said. “I like making plays.

“Setting guys up is kind of what I find myself enjoying. I’ve been that way my whole life.”