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Red Wings Claim Goalie Hellberg From Kraken; What Happens Next?



Magnus Hellberg, Detroit Red WIngs
Magnus Hellberg played one game for the Red Wings last season, beating the New Jersey Devils, 5-3

The Detroit Red Wings claimed goaltender Magnus Hellberg on waivers from the Seattle Kraken, leaving Detroit fans wondering if another move or injury announcement is coming.

The Red Wings have Ville Husso and Alex Nedeljkovic are in Detroit, Victor Brattstrom and Jussi Olkinuora in Grand Rapids and Sebastian Cossa in Toledo. Each of them has been playing, and no injury was announced today.

Former Kontinental Hockey League goalie Hellberg was signed by the Red Wings late last season. He played one game with the Red Wings and beat the New Jersey Devils, 5-3. He made 20 saves. After the Red Wings signed Finnish goalie Olkinuora, Hellberg signed with Kraken.

Hellberg Odyssey

Earlier this month, the Kraken waived Hellberg to send him to the minors. The Ottawa Senators claimed. But when the Senators put him on waivers to send him to the American Hockey League, the Kraken reclaimed him.

Monday, the Kraken tried again to send him to the minors and the Red Wings claimed.

The 6-foot-6 Hellberg should just keep his bags packed in Detroit. He has played with five different NHL teams and has only played six NHL games. He played one game this season for the Ottawa Senators and won it. That makes him 3-0 in his career with a 2.60 goals-against average and .891 save percentage.

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States: AZ, NJ, PA, IN, CO, MI, VA, WV


Hellberg was originally drafted by the Nashville Predators in the second round in 2011. He played one game for Nashville. He played three for the New York Rangers over 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Last spring, Hellberg drew the attention of NHL scouts by playing well for Sweden at the World Championships. He finished with a 1.47 GAA and .931 save percentage


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Gordon Cheswick

WTH??? What is with the hockey clubs and their GM’s??? With the goalies that they have , although some are just not working out, why do we need a 31 year old goalie, who has played 6 games in the NHL since 2011???
Yes, Ned may be playing his last games in Detroit. Given every chance, and really the only goalie last year, may have just worn out!
So, is Magnus going to replace Ned, who, of course, would go on waivers?
Somebody tell me what is going on?

Tom Rady

Gordon this move is for Grand Rapids. The two Griffs goalies are not getting it done and Steve feels Cossa is not read y for GR. Cossa is doing well at Toledo and Steve does not want to disrupt that. The only prob is the Wings would have to waive him and another team could claim him. Its weird. But honestly Gordon getting Hellberg is to help Grand Rapids.

Todd One

He would have to clear waivers again, before he gets assigned to GR.

Gordon Cheswick

Ya – if they could put him in GRG! As a waiver pick-up, he must stay with DRW. There is NO WAY a team Carrie’s three goalies – no matter what they tell you! It’s going to be tough enough when Fabbri and Vrana (?) come back!
SY needs another goalie in GRG or Toledo, like I need a hole in the head!
My best guess, someone is interested in Ned – and he is gone! My thinking: is Magnus the answer??? SY has to solve this, because Hasso has been great – but he cannot play 65 games!

Mark W

Ned’s current stats when projected vs the best teams in the NHL aren’t promising. If Husso somehow can’t go, a slump could jeopardize the Wing’s playoff hopes. The NHL experienced and confident Hellberg may be insurance of a sort against the weight of the playoffs being put on Ned in a worst case scenario. It looks like they plan to carry three goaltenders for at least the short term. Interesting.


So they are going to carry 3 goalies? Takes away a roster spot from someone we may need to get a look at though. Ned is not playing great right now so not even good for trade value.

Guess it is 3 goalies in the D then. Otherwise this makes no sense since obviously he won’t clear waivers.

Tom Rady

I doubt they will keep three goalies. They will try to get Hellberg to Grand Rapids. Hellberg has only played six career NHL games. No way could he replace Ned. Yes Ned has struggled this year, helped with bad team play. He was almost rookie of the year two years ago. No way is Hellberg a replacement for Ned. He is headed to GR if they can get him there. We will see.

Gordon Cheswick

If they need ped a goalie, Michael Dipietro was ‘given away’ by Vancouver. A Windsor guy, he had a great couple of years in the OHL. Vancouver – as per usual – never gave him the time, and as usual, just gives guys away. Now he us lingering in Boston’s AHL system. SY could have had a good one – for next to nothing (Erne)

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