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Red Wings Raymond Penalized For Grabbing Opponent’s Stick From Bench

Detroit player called for holding the stick



Lucas Raymond, Detroit Red Wings, Predators
Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond, playing at the world tourney for Sweden, was penalized for grabbing an opponent's stick while on the bench.

Another day, another Detroit Red Wings player getting into a unique spot of trouble at the IIHF World Championship.

During Sweden’s 4-1 shutout of Denmark on Monday, Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond was penalized. No surprise there. Players get penalties all the time.

It was the type of infaction that Raymond committed which bordered only not only the unusual, but also was crossing the line of sportsmanship. Raymond was sitting on the Swedish bench when he grabbed the stick of Danish player Patrick Russell, who was on the ice and involved in the play.

Raymond was penalized for holding the stick. Denmark did not score during the man advantage situation created by Raymond’s impetuous act. Later, he was citing personal safety as the reason for clutching onto Russell’s stick.

“I don’t know . . . I was close to getting it in the face,” Raymond explained to “So I thought ‘I don’t want it there’. I got sent off instead, but I’ll let the referee do his thing and I’ll do mine.”

Red Wings Raymond Caught By Surprise

Raymond, who also counted a goal and an assist in the game, was at first taken aback when he was penalized on the play.

“I was a little surprised,” Raymond admitted. “But as I said, they make their assessments and we trust that.”

Swedish coach Sam Hallam wasn’t too concerned about the incident, agreeing with Raymond that he was merely acting in self-preservation by instinctively grabbing the stick.

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“I should have seen it better, it happened right in front of me,” Hallam said. “But I think (former Red Wings forward Jacob) de la Rose is involved, stealing a bit and trying to hold onto one of Denmark’s players. Then I think the player’s club ends up in our booth and ends up close to Raymond’s face. Then the judges decide that he holds the club.”

Earlier on the weekend, Red Wings forward Joe Veleno, playing for Canada, was given a five-game suspension by the IIHF after stomping on the leg of Swiss player Nino Niederreiter with his skate.