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How Soon Until Danielson Plays For Red Wings?

Could 2023 top pick crack lineup in training camp?



Nate Danielson,, Red Wings prospect
How much of a chance does Nate Danielson have of making the Red Wings this fall?

Last fall, as the Detroit Red Wings were getting down to the nitty gritty of selecting the opening-night roster, 2023 top draft pick Nate Danielson was still hanging in there. The teenager would last right until the final cutdown before the Wings were making the decision to return him to junior.

At 18, did he allow himself to entertain the notion that he’d be debuting as an NHLer?

You bet he did.

“I think you always have belief,” Danielson said. “I believe in myself and I believed I could make it, so yeah, I think a little bit.”

Going back to the WHL, Danielson would enjoy an oustanding campaign with the Brandon Wheat Kings and Portland Winterhawks, reaching the league final. Danielson suited up for Canada at the World Juniors. He’d even get a call up to the AHL for two playoff games with the Grand Rapids Griffins.

“It was a good experience for me just kind of knowing, making that jump to pro next year and just kind of knowing the speed of the game,” Danielson said. “Obviously everyone’s older and bigger and heavier and stronger.”

Red Wings Like To Slow Cook Rookies

The standard in Detroit is that no young player will play before his time. It seems like a tradition that’s as old as the octopus.

Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman doesn’t rule out the possibility that someone like Danielson might be capable of breaking through this glass ceiling. But it’s probably not a bet you should be making.

“They’re gonna have to really take a step and that’s possible, if they have a good summer and a good preseason,” Yzerman said of young prospects like Danielson. “But we anticipate most of those kids at least starting in GR.

“Again I don’t have a hard and fast guideline. If we’re in camp and they look like they’re gonna play, we’ll find a spot for them.”

Based on how close he came a year ago, completely ruling out Danielson making the grade seems a bit unwise. He remains someone who oozes belief in himself.

Danielson Carrying A Swagger

“I thought I had a good camp and I thought I got more comfortable as camp went on and into the preseason and things like that,” Danielson said of Detroit’s 2023 training camp. “I just kept on getting more comfortable, more familiar with it. So yeah, that gave me confidence. Definitely.

“It gives me confidence going into this year, too, knowing I can have success and play at this level.”

Certainly, Danielson did nothing during the club’s recent development camp to suggest he’s not trending toward putting himself into the argument for a spot again this fall.

“I thought Nate Danielson was great every day,” Red Wings director of player development Dan Cleary said. “Came here in terrific shape. He talks the talk and he walks it. He does everything right and really showed the way in his testing, his preparation, his professionalism, the way he handles himself, his maturity.

“He’s a really, great young kid.”

A kid who was almost good enough to make the NHL at 18. A year later, Danielson will definitely be one to watch during the 2024 preseason.

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who will center the 2nd line?

Gordon Cheswick

I don’t know if a rookie could handle that, at his age. Close though.He will get his chance soon and contribute to the team. I have NO objections if he came out of camp and DID make the roster. There would definitely be some trades going on!

Mike Babcock

Steve Yzerman?


Gordon Cheswick

With Berggren, Edvinsson and Johansson Breaking into the line up this year, I don’t see where Nate would fit. SY would want him playing every day – not sitting in the pressbox. After TDL, I expect him and a couple others to – at least – get their 9 games in before playoffs (?)

Tom Rady

Gordon maybe but I think it will be a huge adjustment at Grand Rapids. Remember he will be playing against grown men, guys in their late 20s and 30s. Also guys with lots of NHL experience who have seen it all. Marco Kasper really struggled the first half of last year but improved greatly the second half. Also remember there is more clutching and holding in the AHL than the NHL. Also he will be challenged to fight. He is prob used to that in the Western League. The first year will be a real learning exoerience for him.

Mark W

Marco had more to deal with than Danielson does. Danielson seems to learn super fast from mistakes. I see a bit of Raymond in him in that way. There’s just something extra there I guess that makes me think he might just skip GR.


question; what makes you so certain Johansson makes the big club Gordon ?

I realize that Berggren is out of options (but is Johansson at same status ??).


Mike Babcock


Johansson is also out of waiver options.

Ken Youmg

Trade Veleno for a Kmart Sub and give his spot to Danielson.

Mike Babcock

Danielson probably starts the season in Grand Rapids.

But I wouldn’t count him out.

He has Larkin/Raymond vibes in my opinion.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Ken Youmg

He was a man amoung boys in Dev Camp. He could have played in Detroit last year.

Tom Rady

Dev Camp to the league is a huge jump


I’ll be excited to see what he does if he gets a shot to center Kane and Tarsenko in camp and preseason. He really took off after the trade to a very talented Winterhawks team. I expect him to make a very strong case for himself, but still only have a 50/50 shot at best to make it (since Yzerman likes to err on the side of caution).