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Kane Selling NHLers on Value of Red Wings

Kane convinces Tarasenko to join Detroit



Patrick Kane, Red Wings
Patrick Kane was a key cog in marketing the Red Wings to UFA Vladimir Tarasenko.

Among all the skills that Patrick Kane is packing in his toolbox, this is one the Detroit Red Wings couldn’t have imagined he’d be utilizing to help them.

He is taking over as head of the team’s recruiting department.

Turns out, Kane was instrumental in convincing Vladimir Tarasenko to sign on the dotted line with Detroit. In fact, the whole family was chipping in to contribute assists toward the goal of getting Tarasenko in a Red Wings uniform.

“His wife (Yana) reached out to Amanda (Grahovec, Kane’s partner) and said that Detroit seemed interested,” Kane explained. “So, obviously you get excited about that.

“And then (Red Wings GM) Steve (Yzerman) called me as well, just asking about him as a player.”

Kane was all-in on the idea of Tarasenko donning the winged wheel.

“I think he’s going to be so good for the group,” Kane said.

Red Wings Kane A Terrific Salesman

A year ago, who would’ve figured Patrick Kane as becoming the Don Draper of the Red Wings? His sales pitch to Tarasenko was so vivid in detail, perhaps the Detroit Chamber of Commerce should be giving Kane a call.

Kane and Tarasenko did have a previous relationship from their brief time together with the New York Rangers late in the 2022-23 season. That also would be playing a factor as negotiations were developing.

“We just kind of relayed the message that it was similar to New York in a way, kind of like the Greenwich, Connecticut area,” Kane said. “I think the suburbs in Detroit are unbelievable.

“I lived there when I was 14 (playing youth hockey), but when I came back, I didn’t realize how nice they were, what a great spot it is to live, raise a family. You have a lot of options, whether it’s playing hockey or the schools at your disposal.

“And then I really like how the (Little Caesars Arena) rink is set up with having the practice rink and the game rink all in one venue. If you’re a free agent, or if you’re a player and you want to come to the Red Wings, there’s a lot of positives.”

Tarasenko was sold. After word came that he was in agreement on terms of two-year pact with the Red Wings, Kane couldn’t have been happier.

Tarasenko A Proven Winner

“Obviously, he’s a proven winner,” Kane said. “But I think just the way he plays, how hard he plays, I think a lot of players in general, not just young guys, but the whole team, will see how hard he works and how much effort he gives every shift. And that’s why he has a couple of Stanley Cups to his name, too.

“So I think just adding that winning credit and presence is going to be huge for the group.”