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Watch Video: Lucas Raymond Gives Swedish Fans a Tour of Detroit



Lucas Raymond, Detroit Red Wings

Lucas Raymond has quite the accolades to his name in his first season in Detroit. Now he can add tour guide to his resume, too.

In a video from Frolunda, he takes viewers around Detroit and describes the first few months of his time with the Red Wings. We were able to translate it and put the subtitles on the screen. Though some of the words are lost in the translation, it’s contextually tight.

Watch: Lucas Raymond video

Everybody Loves Raymond in Detroit

The classic TV show may be unknown to some of the younger generations of fans, but the words are not lost on them. Raymond has been exactly what the front office and fans hoped for: a dynamo forward who will help propel Detroit out of a rebuild and back into contention. Along with Moritz Seider, so far, so good. Beyond that, Raymond (and Seider) have shown to possess some pizzaz when it comes to entertainment, too.

In an interview, the 19-year-old forward admitted that the connection with Seider is as real as it appears.

“Mo and I area really good friends and we get along great off the ice, which usually translates on the ice as well,” Raymond said. “It’s really nice, whether it’s just hanging out off the ice, having someone to talk to, or whatever it could be. Both of us are here without friends and family, except for of course the guys on the team, but outside of hockey, it’s really nice to have. We get along great.”

With 43 points in 54 games, Raymond has been a revelation. Though his good friend may end up being the lock for the Calder Memorial Trophy, Raymond isn’t much farther behind. While Trevor Zegras and Michael Bunting have played on better teams statistically, Raymond and Seider have contributed to making those around them even better.

Whether it’s tour guide or point producer, Raymond is quickly making a name for himself.

“I think just trying to improve every part every day,” he said. “Of course you always trying to get better at the things that you’re maybe lacking a bit of and keep improving the things that are your strengths.”