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Detroit Red Wings

Red Wings Captain Opens Up About Family Tragedy

Larkin gets emotional discussing loss of unborn child



Dylan Larkin, Red Wings
Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin fought back tears while discussing his difficult year.

Missing the playoffs was merely one disappointing aspect in what was a very trying and tragic 2023-24 NHL season for Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin.

“It was probably one of the most difficult years of my life,” Larkin said.

In early December, Larkin took to Instagram to post the devastating news that he and his wife Kenzy had lost their unborn child, a girl that was due to be born in April.

“I don’t like to talk about it too much and I thank you guys for respecting that,” Larkin told the media that covers the team.

As he spoke about their personal tragedy, Larkin got choked up. He had to pause several times to gain control of his emotions. It was evident that he was struggling with the onset of tears.

Larkin also took time to thank his teammates for their support during those difficult days.

“There was times where I was going through it and it felt like I needed space,” Larkin said. “The guys were so good to me. Maybe I wasn’t able to be my best, or be myself with all the things going on.”

Red Wings Captain Immersed Himself In Hockey

Seeking to deal with the loss, Larkin turned another love in his love, hockey, to serve as a salve for the wounds.

“The guys were so good to me and my wife was really strong for me to allow me to come back and focus on hockey and the last month, I really give it all I had,” Larkin said. “It means a lot to me to be able to sit here and say that.

“Though that and through injuries, I gave it all I had. I hope that was contagious for the other guys.

“It felt like it was and the guys appreciated that.”

He would be absent for two games due to his family bereavement. Along with his personal loss, Larkin also endured through a pair of serious injuries. He would miss four games in December after being knocked unconscious by Ottawa’s Mathieu Joseph. Larkin was also out for eight games during the March stretch drive after suffering a lower-body injury.