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Red Wings Can Probably Color Kane Gone

Veteran UFA forward speaks of team in past tense



Patrick Kane
Veteran UFA forward Patrick Kane is already speaking about the Red Wings in past tense.

Patrick Kane isn’t 100% ruling out a return to play for the Detroit Red Wings next season.

At the same time, when he’s speaking about the team, he’s already referring to the Red Wings in the past tense.

“It was fun to be around the group, it was fun to be a Wing and be in this organization,” Kane was saying during Thursday’s exit interviews. “I’ll definitely have some memories to last me a lifetime.”

An impending UFA, the veteran left-winger would sign a one-year deal with Detroit in late November after recovering from hip resurfacing surgery. The Wings were among his few suitors. At the time, there was serious skepticism that Kane could bounce back from the experimental surgery to again be the player he once was.

Red Wings Threw Kane A Lifeline

With nothing to lose, Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman was willing to roll the dice that Kane would prove able. It was a decision that paid dividends. Instead of an old Kane, Yzerman got a pretty fair facsimile of the Kane of old.

No, he wasn’t the guy who’d won Art Ross and Hart Trophies in Chicago, But in 50 games with Detroit, Kane would account for 20 goals and 47 points.

“It was a great year,” Kane said. “Nothing but positive things to say about the organization. Obviously the opportunity from Newsy (Detroit coach Derek Lalonde) to give me the chance to come and play and the situations I was put in, I feel like I got an opportunity to play in the top six and play with some great players.”

Kane No Longer A Beggar

His worth proven to the rest of the league, come July 1, Kane will no longer be a beggar. He can be a chooser. And he can probably count of having his choice of teams from which to choose.

“I’m sure I’ll just kind of explore the situation, talk to my agent, kind of go over everything and kind of see what makes sense,” Kane said of free agency. “From being in Chicago for so long, going to New York, coming to Detroit, maybe looking for a little more stability as far as term.

“I guess we’ll kind of see what happens.”

To be fair, Kane isn’t ruling Detroit completely out of the picture. At the same time, he isn’t exactly embracing the option of remaining with the Red Wings.

Is it a possibility? Of course. I loved my time here.

“I’m sure my agent and Steve will have those kinds of conversations and kind of go from there.”