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Moritz Seider Wants To See What Fans Want to See



Seider. Lyon Red Wings

Two of Moritz Seider professional goals fit well with the hopes and dreams of the Detroit Red Wings fan base.

The big German defenseman wants to get a deal that will keep him in Detroit for a very long time and a chance to play alongside Red Wings young Swedish D Man Simon Edvinsson.

“It’s not a big secret I want to be a Red Wing,” Seider said.

Seider, a restricted free agent on July 1, said he is confident a new deal will come together smoothly.

“I think I’m also confident enough that I could be a good asset for this organization and that really matters for me,” Seider said. “Then you can talk as long as you want about numbers and length and how long the contract should be. If those two first parts fits well, and they do, then I’m pretty confident we’ll get something done.”

He sounds open to discussions on a long-term deal. Seider is 23, the same age Adam Fox was when he received a deal paying him $9.5 million. Boston’s Charlie McAvoy is also at $9.5 million.

“I think it’s always a big dream for every player to be in a franchise for a long time,” Seider said. “If that’s gonna work out it’s obviously great, but also I don’t know. Either way, you would just want to be here. If that’s multiple contracts, then that’s just fine with me, too. Obviously I just want to be part of that team, of that locker room. I want to play in front of those fans. I think we’ll be alright.”v

‘Huge’ Impact Pairing

His desire to play with Edvinsson came out when he was asked about his impressions of how the young Swede played when he was promoted late in the season.

“I would hope to maybe get a chance to be playing with him one day,” Seider said. “It would be pretty cool. And then you’ve just gotta see if that works out or not. I think that could be a pretty cool D pair for the Red Wings. I was very impressed.”

Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin also liked the idea of a Seider-Edvinsson pairing.

“That would be special,” Larkin said. “Anytime you got two guys over six-foot- five out there together it’s exciting, especially the way both of them can move. Just having them play together, both of them on the ice for the whole game together is huge for our team.”

Seider said he’s not sure whether he will play for Germany in the World Championships. The decision is complicated by the fact that hesi doesn’t yet have a new deal. He would need to be insured against the possibility of a career-ending injury. The cost of that kind of insurance is expensive.

“If we sort out some insurance things and some policies I think I would be more than happy to play,” Seider said. “If that’s not the case, I think you gotta be smart and have some responsibility, not risk anything. Obviously, there is a lot of involvement on both sides for that tournament. The last thing you want to do is go out of that injured when you don’t have a contract for next year.”