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Former Red Wings D Konstantinov to Sign Items Next Month in Livonia

Private signing also available for those who can’t attend



Vladimir Konstantinov, Detroit Red Wings
Former Red Wings D Vladimir Konstantinov with Alan Moore of Sports Graphing.

Sports Graphing is offering another opportunity for Detroit Red Wings fans to have a meet and greet with legendary ex-Detroit defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov. The Vladinator will be appearing on Aug. 12 at the Sports Zone in Livonia, Michigan.

He will also be doing a private signing on July 30. For those who cannot attend the public event, they are making send ins available to be signed at the end of July. Those items must arrive at Sports Graphing before July 28th. The cost is $50 per item, plus $10 for JSA certification. All of the signed items are JSA certified.

All proceeds go directly to The Vladimir Konstantinov Special Needs Trust that will be used for his ongoing non-medical care. His health insurance is still paid for by the State of Michigan. However, much of his other therapy costs are no longer covered due to a change in the Michigan insurance laws.

Konstantinov was involved in a horrific limousine crash just six days after the Red Wings 1997 Stanley Cup victory which resulted in him suffering debilitating brain injuries. That accident changed his and his family’s life forever.

Over the years, and with a lot of therapy, he has improved but there are still challenges. Signing autographs has proven to be a great therapy for Konstantinov. Getting out meeting fans in person is an aspect of the process that he really enjoys.

How To Send In Konstantinov Items For Signing

To assure that your Konstantinov items reach their destination and are signed and returned to you, it’s best to follow these directions:

Include something with your item or items that has your name, phone number, email address and mailing address in case things are unclear as to how you want things signed.Put a small Post-It on the item with your name and where you want the item signed and the color of marker or pen you want to be used.

They will accept a self addressed, stamped envelope but it must have return tracking clearly on your SASE.Return shipping and handling for your items must be included with your items.

For 1-9 cards, the cost is $6 for USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Tracking. If you are sending 1-4 magazines, photos, or 10+ cards, please add $9.00 for Priority Mail shipping and handling. The cost for one puck is $7 shipping and handling. For two pucks $9 shipping and handling. Email if more than two pucks are to be signed. For 1-2 Jerseys the shipping and handling cost is $20 for Priority Mail.

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Insurance is available by request. Add $3.50 per $100 value for all insurance. Ship your items to SportsGraphing, Vladdie, PO Box 1245, Millersville, MD 21108. Cash, check or money order to be sent in with your items is to be made payable to SportsGraphing. Credit Card or PayPal orders to only if you are purchasing one of their items.

It’s also possible to order previously-signed Konstantinov items directly from the SportsGraphing website.

For further information, contact SportsGraphing at (410) 963-8226.