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Red (Wing) Savage Channels His Inner Gilligan



Red Savage's wardrobe made the Detroit Red Wings draftee the spitting image of Bob Denver's character on Gilligan's Island

Red Savage is a skipper who dresses like Gilligan.

The captain of the US under-18 team made some stylish wardrobe choices following his selection by the Detroit Red Wings with the 114th overall pick of the NHL entry draft.

Savage is the son of former NHL forward Brian Savage. While conducting a Zoom call interview with the media, Savage, donned a white Detroit Red Wings bucket hat along with a red Wings jersey over a white collared shirt.

The ensemble left him looking like the spitting image of Gilligan, Bob Denver’s character in the TV cult classic Gilligan’s Island. The sitcom about seven castaways stranded on an island aired on CBS from 1964-67 but remains a staple of viewing through syndication to this day.

No Savage wasn’t seeking to channel his inner Gilligan. The resemblance was purely coincidence.

“This was the only Red Wings hat we had in the house,” Savage explained. Supplying him the jersey he ended up donning was his agent Ryan Barnes. Barnes was also Detroit draftee by (55th overall in 1998), playing two games for the Wings in 2003-04.

“He gave me his game-worn jersey to wear,” Savage said.

As far as the resemblance to Gilligan, if Savage achieves the level of pop culture status that Gilligan has, then the Wings will have just drafted themselves a viral sensation.