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Detroit Red Wings

Fedotov Fan of Coaching Style of Former Red Wings Star Fedorov

Fedotov will play for Fedorov if he stays with CSKA Moscow



Sergei Fedorov, former Detroit Red Wings player
The coaching style of former Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov has a fan in goalie Ivan Fedotov.

Ivan Fedotov ia awaiting a ruling but in the meantime, he’s willing to declare a proclamation in regards to former Detroit Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov.

Top goaltending prospect Fedotov currently has signed contracts with both the Philadelphia Flyers and two-time KHL Gagarin Cup winners CSKA Moscow, the club coached by Fedorov. On Monday, the IIHF will rule which team has the rights to Fedotov for the 2023-24 season.

Should it be turning out that he’s going back to CSKA to again play for Fedorov, Fedotov is finding that scenario to be quite delightful. He’s a big fan of Fedorov’s work behind the bench. The netminder is describing Fedorov as a coach who is tough on his players. He also sees Fedorov as someone who is able to easily communicate to his players. He’s clear in relaying what he wants from them in terms of their style and systems play.

“I called Fedorov strict? Strict has a broad meaning,” Fedotov told “I will say – disciplined, experienced and understanding hockey from the inside, inside and out.

“It was quite easy with him, because he constantly supported the guys, understood what he wanted to see from the team, what kind of hockey to play, what to see outside and on the site. Therefore, the guys were quite comfortable. There was no excessive pressure.”

Fedorov On NHL Radar?

If and when Fedotov does end up playing for the Flyers, he’s among those who wouldn’t find it at all surprising to see Fedorov also finding his way to North America as an NHL coach.

Fedorov is insisting his only objective is to win a third straight title with CSKA Moscow. At the same time, several high profile people in Russian believe that he should pursue the eventual chance to coach in the NHL, should the opportunity arise.

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“This is a person who has a great, great, rich and winning experience with many world-class hockey players,” former Russian national team coach Vyacheslav Bykov told about Fedorov’s qualifications.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Sergei challenges himself and goes to the NHL. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets there.”