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Detroit Hockey Now Offers New Subscription Discount



Dylan Larkin, Red Wings

Detroit Hockey Now is offering, for a short-time only, a $10 discount on our yearly subscription price. For the first time, Hockey Now’s affiliate websites are linked together. That means subscribers can read behind-the-paywall stories at all of Hockey Now’s sites.

The regular price for a yearly subscription is $39.99. But if you use the discount code of Kevin10 or Bob10, you will receive the $10 discount. That makes it $29.99.

Readers with subscription read ad-free, and they will be eligible for a draw in October for prizes that include autograph Red Wings’ trading cards and hockey books written by Detroit Hockey Now writers Kevin Allen and Bob Duff. We will announce the details of those drawings in early October.

Finally, we want to thank all of our readers for their devotion to our site. Since this site launched in May of 2021, we’ve had millions upon millions of visitors read our stories. Your patronage is much appreciated.