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Hasek, Fetisov Throw Down; War of Words Between Former Red Wings Over Russian War

Hasek accepts invitation to address European Parliament



Dominik Hasek former Red Wings
Former Red Wings goalie Dominik Hasek recently addressed the European Parliament.

Dominik Hasek and Viachelsav Fetisov are two legendary former Detroit Red Wings. Both were multiple Stanley Cup champions in Detroit and each is enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

When it comes to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, these two famous hockey stars share absolutely nothing in common.

Hasek was recently invited to Strasbourg, France. There, he was given the chance to speak to the European Parliament about the Russia-Ukraine war.

The ex-Detroit goalie offered the suggestion that Russian athletes be given some form of asylum by other nations if they are willing to condemn their country’s attack on Ukraine.

“In the current situation, every Russian athlete is an advertisement for the Russian war,” Czech website is reporting Hasek telling journalists following his address. “It doesn’t matter at all if he internally disagrees with it, or on the contrary supports (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin.”

Hasek, who has visited Ukraine to see the conditions in the war-torn nation, believes that offering something similar to refugee status is the only way to protect the safety of these Russian athletes.

“We know very well that any Russian who condemns the war and Putin’s actions will not only be bullied but will probably go to court and be convicted,” Hasek said, believing that making a public anti-war declaration would open the door for Russians to return to international sporting competition, perhaps as part of a refugee team.

Fetisov Critical Of Hasek

A deputy of the Russian State Douma, former defenseman Fetisov is also a stout defender of Putin and Russia’s military action against Ukraine. He was quick to counter Hasek’s EU address. He was quck to be pointing to the fact that at one point during his playing days Hasek was earning a living in Russia. During the 2010-11 season, Hasek was tending goal for Moscow Spartak of the KHL.

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“Dominik himself played with us, if I’m not mistaken, and he received a good salary for this,” Fetisov told Why does he deny others the opportunity to play and earn money It’s kind of nonsense. Let him return the money he earned here, then everything will be fair.”