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Red Wings Have 13 Games on National TV Schedule



Red Wings celebrate

Red Wings fans who, for whatever reason, want to watch broadcasts without Ken Daniels and  Mickey Redmond next season will have more than a dozen opportunities to do so.

The NHL announced Wednesday that 13 games will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN+, TNT, ABC, and Hulu during the 1023-24 season.

Eight teams have more games scheduled, and six have the same number as the Red Wings.

In an unrelated note, fans can get an early glimpse of future Red Wings next month.

The McDavid factor

The team with the most? Edmonton, with 18, something that can be credited to Connor McDavid’s presence on the roster. Toronto will be featured 11 times, and the only other Canadian team to appear on ESPN- or TNT-related networks are the Vancouver Canucks, with two.

That leaves four teams — Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg — shut out entirely in the U.S., although they will have national telecasts in their native Canada.

Arizona (one game), Anaheim and Columbus (three apiece) and San Jose (five) are the other teams in single digits.

Besides Edmonton, teams with the most national TV games are Colorado (17), New Jersey and Los Angeles (both with 16), Buffalo and Pittsburgh (both 15).

Red Wings games exclusively on ESPN include a Dec. 12 game at St. Louis, Feb. 19 at Seattle, and April 9 vs. Washington. The Red Wings will play host to St. Louis on ABC on Feb. 24. TNT telecasts include Oct. 18 vs. Pittsburgh, Nov. 7 and Nov. 29 at the New York Rangers, March 8 at Colorado and April 7 vs. Buffalo.

The rest of the broadcasts on ESPN+ and/or Hulu, are on streaming services that require a monthly subscription.

Those include games at New Jersey (Oct. 12), at Buffalo (Dec. 5), and at home vs. Carolina (Dec. 14) and at Carolina (March 26).

The TV schedule is a reflection both of the size of the Detroit market and perceptions nationally that the team is improving after seven seasons out of the playoffs.

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Meanwhile, radio broadcaster Ken Kal is making preparations for the coming season: