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Red Wings Legends Hasek, Fetisov At It Again

Hall of Famers argue over Russia and Olympics



Dominik Hasek former Red Wings
The war or words between former Red Wings Dominik Hasek and Slava Fetisov is continuing.

It didn’t take former Detroit Red Wings goalie Dominik Hasek long to respond to critcism of the International Olympic Committee from fellow former Red Wings player Viacheslav Fetisov.

Hasek was taking Fetisov to task over the latter’s complaints about Russia’s continuing exclusion from the Olympic movement.

“The status that we are offered, almost like refugees, is a humiliating story,” Fetisov was telling Russian website “Of course, everyone can make their own decision, they can live with it … But today, I think we should be there with a flag and an anthem.”

Fetisov is a deputy of the Russian Duma. Generating his anger are suggestions that Russian athletes may only be participating in the Olympic Games if they are competing under an independent banner.

This is a proposal that Hasek was putting forth. Recently, the European Parliament was granting the legendary Czech goalie the chance to be addressing them in Strasbourg, France. Hasek is of the opinion that Russian athletes should only be eligible for participation in international sporting competitions if they are renouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Hasek’s response to Fetisov’s denouncing of his suggestion was straightforward and to the point.

“If you have anyone to blame, then blame youself,” Hasek posted on his social media in responding to Fetisov.

Legendary Red Wings At Odds Over Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Hasek recently visited war-torn Ukraine, which Russia invaded in February. He was encouraging Russian athletes to speak out against the war. At the same time, he understood why many might be relucant to do so.

“We know very well that any Russian who is condemning the war and (Russian president Vladimir) Putin’s actions will not only face bullying but will probably be going to court and be facing conviction,” Hasek said.

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Fetisov downplayed Hasek’s suggestion, criticizing his fellow Hockey Hall of Famer, and pointing out that at one time, Hasek was playing pro hockey in the KHL for Mosow Spartak.

“Dominik himself played with us, if I’m not mistaken, and he received a good salary for this,” Fetisov told “Why does he deny others the opportunity to play and earn money? It’s kind of nonsense. Let him return the money he earned here, then everything will be fair.”